The landscape has changed...

The landscape has changed...

The landscape has changed...

Silo is very excited to introduce our newest service- nextPath! When we sat down at a blank slate to develop our first completely brand new Internet service since we opened our doors in 2007, we brought many factors into consideration, most of them stemming directly from customer feedback, and the significant changes in the average household’s Internet usage. People rarely have a single computer in their household anymore, and when it comes to the content being delivered via the Internet, one’s goals do not end at checking the weather, or sending an email. People want to take back control of their lives, and the Internet can be a very powerful tool in doing this. The landscape is changing. Households all over North America are getting rid of their old copper phone line in exchange for more economical and flexible VoIP solutions, cancelling their expensive satellite TV packages and moving to on-demand services such as Netflix, and even trading in the monotonous morning commute for gotomeetings and VPN services. Regardless whether somebody lives in the city, or a small rural town, we believe all Ontarians should have access to these options. This is where nextPath began.

In reviewing the nextPath package details you will notice some big changes as compared to our traditional packages. The reason behind this new approach is quite simple- in order to deliver these significantly faster speeds wirelessly, we had to understand the realities of the technologies available to us, and leverage them to our advantage; allowing us to deliver the most throughput possible while maintaining a high standard of reliability. This meant us making carefully considered investments in systems such as more sophisticated network backbone equipment, bringing on multiple upstream fibre optics providers, and implementing a handful of the most cutting-edge point to multipoint wireless platforms on the market today.

All of these factors converge at the two nextPath packages. Gone are the multi-tiered speed-based packages of yesterday. Instead, we commit to delivering a rich Internet experience- average 10-25 Mbps download speed, to all nextPath subscribers. Depending on how heavily you use the Internet there is a package to suit your household.  For only $40 per month, the 50 package will provide highest-available speeds to those who  want fast connectivity, but aren’t constantly digesting rich media content like video streaming. In reviewing our network usage we found over 50% of our current subscribers use under 25 GB of data per month- the 50 package offers double that amount. For those who do want to stream movies, engage in online gaming, or have a tablet in every room and a smartphone in every pocket, there’s the 150 package for only $65 per month. We found over 90% of our current subscribers use under 100 GB per month, and the 150 package provides 50% more data above that level.

One of the big differences you will find with our new nextPath packages as compared to the other usage-based offerings currently on the market is the way we deal with things once your monthly package’s data threshold has been reached. We wanted to put the control in your hands, to choose what suits your household best. Opt for the Fixed Price option and you will continue to receive an unlimited amount of Internet data without paying an extra dime over the set package price. Once the monthly data threshold is reached your download speed will be reduced to a still ample 2 Mbps, enough to watch a Netflix stream without issue. If you would prefer to have maximum download speeds available to you 24/7, opt instead for the Fixed Speed option. Once you reach the monthly package’s data threshold you will be billed for any additional data used at a very reasonable $1 per GB, a tenth of the cost that many of our competitors charge.

We are confident that the nextPath offerings are what our customers have been asking for- an affordable, reliable, and easy way to attain the increased speeds necessary to use the Internet to its fullest. Please follow the below link to check out the packages, and if you are interested in more information, or learning if nextPath is available in your area, fill out the sign-up form and we’ll be excited to start the conversation.

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Rick Seemann
Network & Installation Manager
Silo Wireless Inc.

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