Beware Online Survey Scams

Beware Online Survey Scams

Beware Online Survey Scams

If you have not come across one of these pop-ups / web page redirects during your travels on the Internet you probably will see one soon. These online survey scams are becoming an increasingly popular way for scammers to prey on the public, taking advantage of the trust established between a person and their Internet service provider.  These scams will either end with your computer being infected with a virus/malware, or obtaining your credit card information to pay for “shipping your prize” to your home.

You may wonder how the scammers are able to identify you as a Silo Wireless customer.  This is done by referencing your IP address against the mandatory public records that show it belongs to our company.  Very clever, and very effective.  Unfortunately due to the ‘cat and mouse’ nature of these scams it is impossible for us to proactively block them from loading on your computer.  If you are redirected to one of these pages we encourage you to take a screenshot showing the web address of the survey and email it to [email protected] so we can block it from being displayed in the future.

To help you determine whether a survey is truly from Silo, we’ve assembled the below list:

  1. We will never communicate to you via pop-ups or web page redirects.  Time to time we will reach to our customers for feedback, and this would be done via an email from, containing a link to a Google-based survey.
  2. Our surveys do not require you to download or install anything, ever.
  3. We will never ask you to enter your credit card information online!   If you are on pre-authorized payments we already have this information, and if you are not we will invoice you for any payments owed.
  4. If we do offer a contest or promotion we would cover the shipping cost of any prize awarded, because we’re nice like that 🙂

Beyond the above list, if you are ever unsure whether something is legitimate we welcome you to call or email us.  It’s good to be skeptical regarding what you come across online, and we are always happy to help you make sure things are on the up and up!

Click here to learn more about keeping your information secure online.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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