Project Reconnect Puerto Rico

Project Reconnect Puerto Rico

Project Reconnect Puerto Rico

CNN has described the effects of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico as ‘apocalyptic.’ The hurricane has killed more than 40 people, blowing down homes, devastating families and destroying businesses.

One business, up until the hurricane hit, was providing an essential service to their community – providing wireless Internet. Without Internet, businesses cannot run, families cannot communicate in this time of need and people have an even harder time picking up the pieces and trying to rebuild.

On September 24th CNN reported that millions of people, including city leaders and first responders, had been cut off from the world.

I have known Gino Villarini and his business, AeroNet for a long time. As wireless Internet providers, we see each other often at conferences and other industry events.
The hurricane has decimated his company’s equipment, shutting down their business and leaving the community they serve in the dark. Gino is a dear friend of mind and it pains me to see his business and community suffer.

Silo Wireless Inc. and Verticomm Networks Inc. need your help to reconnect Puerto Rico and help Gino the community he serves. We pledge to match every donation up to $7500 USD in in-kind donations of services. All proceeds will go directly to re-installing, configuring and getting AeroNet’s equipment back up and running.

Imagine if Ontario suffered a natural disaster of this magnitude taking out 90% of Silo’s towers and equipment? The people and businesses we serve would rely on us to get their service back so that they could repair their lives. I want to make sure that people in Puerto Rico have that chance.

Together, we can reconnect families, get businesses back in business and restore this community.

Click here to find out how you can help.

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