Staff Profile - Brad Axford

Staff Profile - Brad Axford

Staff Profile - Brad Axford

Our most senior field technician, Brad has been with the Silo team for over 6 years!

“I get people connected and am, in most cases, the first person they see,” he said.

Field technicians perform site surveys to check if those who are interested can receive a signal from one of Silo’s towers. They are also responsible for installing, upgrading and repairing equipment at customers’ homes.

Brad applied for the position all those years ago primarily because he wanted to work outdoors but also because he wanted to gain a new experience.

“This was something wildly different than anything I’d ever done before and I wanted to give it a try. Now it’s been 6 and a half years. Time flies at this company!”

Brad enjoys the positive feedback he receives from customers on the job.

“They are appreciative of how informative we are. We try to inform them of everything, even things they might not have thought of. They also appreciate how we treat their homes,” he explained.

As an avid outdoorsman, Brad has always pushed to be as self-reliant as possible.

“I’m learning to grow and produce my own food! I want to do things myself instead of relying on other people, service and companies,” he said.

Brad, and his girlfriend of four years, experimented with beekeeping last year and have made a goal to one day sell their own honey, beeswax and more.

He also wants to continue backpacking, camping and learning how to hunt.

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