Advice from the expert...

Advice from the expert...

Advice from the expert...

In this video, Jennifer gives customers an outline of how billing works and the easiest ways to pay your bill!

“Hi I’m Jenn from Silo’s Billing Department. I’m here to give you hand and explain some options for paying your bill with us.

Your easiest option is to go to the portal. The portal is an option we’ve brought out recently where you can go in, make changes to your account, pay your bill using debit or credit or view your bills- so that’s something you definitely want to sign up for if you haven’t already done so.

In order to do that you simply go to portal/ If you’re a new user you just click on the green button that says “register now” and then you would be able to create your username and password.

Do keep in mind the password does need to be a little bit difficult. It needs to include a capital letter, number and a symbol. You want to make it a little bit tougher just for security reasons.

When you’re in the portal you can pay your bill using Visa, Mastercard or debit. You can set it up for automatic payments as well, which is a really nice option because you can fix it and forget it when it comes to paying your bill.

Once it’s set, we’re still going to send you your invoice on the 15th of each month and then it’s going to automatically charge your credit card on the first of the following month. That’s a really nice option to have with all the points now that all the credit card companies are offering. You can gain your points just by simply paying your bill on the first of the month. Another option that you have is pre-authorized payments, if you prefer to have it come directly out of your bank account…”

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