Staff Profile - Geoff Ruddy

Staff Profile - Geoff Ruddy

Staff Profile - Geoff Ruddy

Geoff was hired on as an installation assistant six years ago and is now Silo’s Field and Warehouse Coordinator!

“Initially, I was hired as an Installation Assistant. The role fit my interests – technology, electronics, taking things apart and solving problems. As time went on I was promoted from Assistant to Installer, from Installer to Field Supervisor and have since moved to my present role,” he said.

As Field and Warehouse Coordinator, Geoff is in charge of inventory and procurement, as well as keeping our fleet of various vehicles in good repair. These tasks help to ensure that our Field Department has everything they need to remain safe and efficient when on the road.

“Every day is different and nothing I do is monotonous. I take each challenge as it’s presented to me and work out a solution,” he said.
Geoff says being Field and Warehouse Coordinator meets his career aspirations.

“I want to do something I enjoy. This seems to hit the nail on the head for everything,” he said.

Other than having a job that he looks forward to, Geoff’s biggest goal is to take good care of his wife and his 2-year-old son.

He also enjoys playing hockey and golf, tinkering away at small projects, using his hands and working with tools.




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