Curtis Gibbons - Staff Profile

Curtis Gibbons - Staff Profile

Curtis Gibbons - Staff Profile

Curtis Gibbons has been a Silo field technician for a few years, but well before that he was a fan.

“I asked for Silo for my 13th birthday,” he said.

Curtis’ family was one of the homes in Drumbo that, before Silo, could not get a reliable Internet connection.

Now he is pleased to be bringing Internet to underserved communities.

“I used to have bad Internet so it feels good to provide a better experience to others,” he said.

Being a Silo customer wasn’t Curtis’ only tie to the company.

His grandparents provided, and continue to provide, a space for some of the equipment connected to Silo’s network, and his cousin worked at Silo in customer service. She knew he was looking for a job and let him know we were hiring.

After a telephone interview and two in-person interviews, Curtis was initially hired as a field technician assistant. Soon after he was promoted to full field technician.

Curtis was pleased to find a job that suited him.

“I went to school for software engineering for a year and realized I didn’t want to work behind a desk. This role combines my interest in technology with my preference for working outdoors,” he explained.

One day, Curtis hopes to learn more about networking, which he described as “connecting computers in the best way possible” but his biggest goal is to have his own property in the country with a shop and a lift where he can work on a car.

Other than cars and computers, Curtis’ interests include playing hockey, video games and drinking beer!

Curtis is pictured here in the middle of the top row.

Curtis Gibbons - Staff Profile

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