Fun at Triggers and Bows!

Fun at Triggers and Bows!

Fun at Triggers and Bows!

Silo’s staff met joyously at Triggers and Bows in Burford a week ago for an exciting team building event!

We all arrived to what felt like one of our all-staff breakfast meetings. Silo’s co-owners, Cynthia and Andreas at each end of the table with an array of goodies laid out for us all to enjoy.

Soon after some small talk and an introduction to the day, Renee from Triggers and Bows gave us some instruction and asked us to put on sound cancelling headphones and safety goggles to protect our ears in the shooting range.

After a few minutes of preparing she lead us in.

We all lined up along the back of the range while a gentleman gave more instruction on maneuvering the hand guns we would be practicing with. He explained that we would first be shooting a 22 inch, a lighter hand gun, and then moving on to the more powerful 9mm.

Most of us had never handled a gun before!

He asked for volunteers to go first and a few brave individual’s hands flew up.

One was our Billing & AP Administrator, Karen.

“I was very excited. And once I started shooting I found it to be a release. It was satisfying and the fact that I could hit the bull’s eye was empowering,” she said.

Karen ended up being the third best shooter of our staff of twenty.

Andreas was another excited volunteer. He came in second! Here’s a video of Karen and Andreas showing off their shooting talents!

If you were a Silo staff member you might have been able to guess who our winning shooter would be.

Vanessa and Brad, two of our Field Technicians, are avid outdoors-people. They are both familiar with hunting and had had some practice shooting before.


Because of this, they let everyone at Silo take their turn before stepping up to the plate.

“During the shooting it was fun to watch and see how fellow employees were doing. Many did exceptionally well with no previous experience,” Brad said.

Vanessa was proud to hit the bull’s eye, but Brad was the one who outshot us all! With the 22, he hit the bull’s eye with almost every shot, leaving his target with a wide hole in the middle and coming in 1st place!


“I had only shot a hand gun a couple of times so I was pretty happy to see how I did at 10 yards but it was somewhat morally degrading to see my results when the instructor moved the target back to 20 yards,” he said with a laugh.

Jenn, our Reception and Receivables Clerk wasn’t as confident in the shooting range.

“I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn!” she exclaimed.

She said shooting was now off her bucket list.

“I’m glad I did it but I wouldn’t do it again. The archery was more relaxing, quiet and peaceful where the shooting was more intense,” she explained.

After taking a few last shots, Silo moved onto archery, again receiving instruction from the same staff member and then lining up to take our shots at a target covered in balloons. We had fun popping them – and you can bet that the sound of them popping wasn’t even close to the volume of the 9mm guns that we now had experience with!

When I asked him for his thoughts, Brad had nothing but positive things to say about his experience at Triggers and Bows.

“Overall the day at Triggers and Bows was a lot of fun. It was the first time I had been inside their ranges. Everything was very clean bright and welcoming. The instructors were friendly, helpful and you could make sense of their emphasis towards making sure everyone was being safe but having fun at the same time,” he said.

After our fun at Triggers and Bows was over the team made way to Cynthia and Andreas’ to continue the festivities with a barbecue and camp fire. Suffice to say this was a successful team building day!

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