Trevor Swayze

Trevor Swayze

Trevor Swayze

Trevor Swayze is the person that you would almost always speak with if you call for technical support on evenings and weekends.

If the customer’s issue wasn’t solvable by the first tier of tech support, Trevor’s job is to take a deeper dive into the issue and find a resolution. Sometimes finding a resolution takes a variety of strategies and Trevor likes that.

“Multiple things to do keeps the job interesting,” he said.

Like many Silo staff members, Trevor initially applied for a customer service position.

“During my interview I was told that I would be well suited for tech support,” he said.

He was invited back for a second interview and soon after was informed that the position went to someone with a little more experience.

“Three months later I’m waiting for a call from family because my dad was having knee surgery, I answer the phone, and it’s Rick asking if I would like to come in for a third interview, which I later found out wasn’t really an interview but an offer.”

Silo had created a second tech support position and knew Trevor would make a great fit.

Now Trevor is always happy to grow in his role and take on more responsibility.

“I like to be challenged and never want to become complacent in my job,” he said.

Outside of work, Trevor enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Amanda, shopping, watching movies and going for walks. He has made the goal of finding an apartment for them to share soon.

He is also very passionate about video games.

“I’ve been playing video games since I was three years old. I know everything there is to know about them,” he explained.

He used to write his own column about them and we couldn’t let that talent go to waste!

You can read Trevor’s column about virtual reality games on our news page here.

Trevor SwayzeTrevor Swayze

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