Silo is taking up more space!

Silo is taking up more space!

Silo is taking up more space!

After just four years we have already outgrown our new digs!

While we were once only renting half of the large building, on Sage Crt in Brantford, we have now expanded into the whole thing!

The second half of our building brings Silo to a total of 9 in-use offices and 6 in-use cubicles. We now also have a larger communal space for staff to take their breaks during the day.

The building boasts a spacious warehouse where we can house our vans and our technology, and it’s equipped with a dedicated space for our field staff.

Please enjoy this photo tour of Silo’s new space and feel free to visit if you’re in town!

Silo’s front lobby now has a lengthy hallway on the right of our reception desk!

We’re still working on getting all the decor hung up. This one is in the women’s washroom!


This hallway leads to the new staff room, Karen and Dave’s offices and our spacious new warehouse!

One of the new offices has a bright view of the greenery outside.

Our new kitchen is in the works and looking beautiful so far. The cupboard doors should be arriving any day!

The new warehouse may look large but it will be well used and full of equipment in no time!

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