WiFi Testimonial

WiFi Testimonial

WiFi Testimonial

Paula Misner shared her Managed Home WiFi testimonial with us.

wifi testimonial When Paula’s house got hit by lighting she lost her Internet connection.

“Silo sent a technician who let us know that our router got hit too.”

Paula’s router was toast.

Luckily, this presented an opportunity for her to make a change and try Silo’s Managed Home WiFi service.

“Silo has good customer service and any time our Internet has problems they remotely fix it so why not have their equipment with their service guarantee…Why not have it all?” she said.

Now instead of having to troubleshoot her router at home by herself, she can just call Silo and we’ll take care of it for her.

The funny thing is… she hasn’t had to call Silo.

“Even before we got hit by lightning our router would constantly drop the WiFi – we were constantly resetting it and we haven’t had to reset the new one once,” she explained.


About Silo’s Managed Home WiFi

With this service you not only get lifetime replacement coverage on the high-end WiFi router, but you can also call our highly knowledgeable technical support team with any needs that may crop up. Using secure cloud management access we can remotely administrate your home router in real-time, assisting to work through whatever may need tweaking!

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wifi testimonial


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