Nathan's Staff Profile

Nathan's Staff Profile

Nathan's Staff Profile

It’s telling that how Nathan Hodder describes his role of field technician is just what Silo’s mission has been from the beginning.

“I bring Internet to rural areas, homes that don’t have many options for Internet,” he explained.

Nathan was attracted to the position because of his long love affair with technology.

“When I was around the age of 10, my dad and I started helping his friend (Syd Bolton) with his PC museum.”

Syd very sadly passed away this year at the young age of 46. He was the founder and curator of The Personal Computer Museum in Brantford, and Canada’s foremost video game collector.

“I helped set up for tours and sorted through computer donations,” Nathan said.

Syd would give away used computers to low income families and invite the community to join in video game parties.

“There was any game you can imagine old or new,” Nathan said.

It’s not a surprise that, when presented with the opportunity, Nathan would be interested in learning more about technology.

“Being at a job where I could learn new things everyday sparked my interest,” he said.

Video games still hold a place in Nathan’s heart. He attended Mohawk College for graphic design and integrated animation and studied the arts of 3D animation, 3D modelling, drawing and more.

He one day hopes to have a career as a concept artist, creating environments for video games.

And that’s not where Nathan’s creative interests end. He also aspires to a career making costumes professionally.

Nathan has been cosplaying at Fan Expo since 2013. So far, he’s made five costumes from scratch including Master Chief from the video game Halo and Darius from the game League of Legends.

“I’ve been to Toronto Comicon and Four City Comicon as well,” he said.

Other than his creative pursuits, outside of work, Nathan also enjoys playing paintball and baseball. His whole family plays baseball and Nathan himself has been playing for 17 years.

“I play with my dad in Paris and my papa coaches a team.”

As you can tell, Nathan is a busy guy! And, soon he will be very busy planning, as he was recently engaged to his girlfriend of three years.


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