Supporting a Champion

Supporting a Champion

Supporting a Champion

Silo is proud to have sponsored Cory Turner, 2018’s Southern Ontario Sprints (SOS) Champion, for the past 3 years.

Cory races in the 360 Sprint Division, “360” referring to the size of the car’s engine.

He competes in the SOS races, and he races at his home track, Ohsweken most Fridays.

This past year was Cory’s best yet. He and his team, the Hills Racing team, consistently placed well, were crowned SOS Champions and came 3rd in the Ohsweken Championship.

“2018 was by far our best year. We won more races, won our first championship and were consistently a lot faster than in years past,” he said.

Every year Cory and his team compete against the nation’s best at the Canadian Sprint Car Nationals.

Only 30 drivers out of 75 qualify to race in the feature and he has made the race 3 times.

“I’m the guy that gets the glory but it’s by no means an individual sport,” he explained.

Cory says the team of guys behind him make all the difference.

2018 was Cory’s first year as SOS champion and he said when he won it was a huge relief.

He said it was down to the wire and he had to place 9th or higher on his last race to win the title.

To ensure that he doesn’t make a wrong move he has to be cautious and strategic while he races.

“There’s a million things that can happen in racing so you have to master the things you can control,” he said, “As a driver, I always have to be aware of what the track is doing and as a team we have to adjust the car to keep up with how slick the track is.”

Because of Cory’s deep understanding of the sport as well as his new-found mindset, he is confident that 2019 will be just as successful if not more.

“I am putting less pressure on myself these days,” he said. “You can’t play your competitors you have to play the track, pay attention to what it’s doing and do what’s best for you.”

In 2019 Cory will be racing with a different team.

“My brother and my dad are on the team and I’m really looking forward to getting back to racing with my family,” he said.

Racing runs in Cory’s family.

Cory’s grandfather, Don, started racing in 1962 and retired in 2003, his father, Jamie started racing in 1985 and still races, and his younger brother, Ryan has been racing since 2012.

His mom isn’t a driver, but she is a devoted part of the team and has a video camera at every race.

Cory’s first memory of racing was when his dad won his first modified race in 1994 when Cory was only 6 years old.

After saving up and purchasing his very first car in 2011, Cory followed in his forefathers’ footsteps and has been racing ever since.

Cory’s whole family works with vehicles full time, one way or another.

His grandpa owns and operates his own automotive recycling business, Cory’s dad builds engines for hot rods and race cars, and Cory himself sells parts washers and chemical solvents to companies like dealerships, truck and tractor repair shops and other machine maintenance shops.

Cory’s biggest goals are to win the Ohsweken Championship and to one day become an entrepreneur like his grandfather.

In the meantime, Cory is proud to partner with local businesses for sponsorship.

“I’m so happy to be able to represent companies I believe in,” Cory said.

Silo has been grateful to work with Cory the past three years as he’s grown to become a talented driver and a fine young man.

In this video Cory sheds some light on why his 2018 season was so successful!

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