Jeff Macleod's Staff Profile

Jeff Macleod's Staff Profile

Jeff Macleod's Staff Profile

Jeff Macleod is one of Silo’s brilliant field technicians.

In his words Jeff says his role is to “provide quality service and installations, and get people connected the best I can.”

Jeff has known about Silo since the beginning as his family has always been in the tech industry.

His dad owned a computer repair business called JS Lemac.

“Ever since I was little it’s been all about computers and technology. My dad taught me most of what I know about computers,” he said.

Jeff took computer science at Westervelt College in London and worked alongside his dad as a computer repair technician.

When he saw that Silo had a job opening he thought it would be a good opportunity to help people and explore part of the tech industry that he’d always had a great interest in.

“I especially love the network aspect of computers. At Silo it’s all about the network so it hits the nail on the head,” he said.

Jeff’s biggest personal goals are to one day own a house and travel the world.

“The furthest I’ve been is Ottawa so I’d love to get out there and explore,” he said.

Outside of work Jeff enjoys spending time with his family and playing video games.

“Any of the Mario series and other Nintendo games are my favourite,” he said.

Jeff’s eight-year-old son Micheal plays video games too and Jeff is actively teaching his 3-year-old daughter Miya and his 2-year-old son Zach to play as well.

“They don’t quite have a handle on the controllers yet,” he said.

Jeff’s partner in crime is none other than Silo’s customer service representative, Kaitlyn!

We’re happy to have this lovely couple as part of the Silo family!

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