Joel Freund’s Staff Profile

Joel Freund’s Staff Profile

Joel Freund’s Staff Profile

As Director of Sales, Joel Freund has vowed to create a culture of engagement between Silo customers and staff.

He has over 30 years of sales experience, many of which he earned as an employee of one of our largest competitors.

During that time, Joel maintained a friendship and professional relationship with Silo’s owners.

“The opportunity arose for me to make a change in my life and, as a friend of the company, I was allowed the chance to join Silo,” he said. “At the end of the day it’s Silo’s entrepreneurial spirit that I was missing working at a larger company and I couldn’t be more thrilled and grateful to be where I am.”

Joel aspires to use his experience to add value and help the company grow.

“I want to move the needle forward every month. You’ve got to go forward in life. My goal is to do just that, move the company forward any way I can,” he said.

He also wants to pass on what he’s learned throughout his career to his staff.

“If I can help people improve their lives and their family’s lives, I’ve done my job,” he said.

Joel is an outdoorsman. His biggest personal goal is to fly fish the top 50 rivers in North America. He enjoys being out in the wilderness, whether he is skiing, hunting, hiking through the woods or enjoying the view on a quiet dock.

During his spare time, Joel’s creative side comes out. You may find him tying flies, building fly rods or making custom knives.

Joel Freund

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