Avery Wiatowski’s Staff Profile

Avery Wiatowski’s Staff Profile

Avery Wiatowski’s Staff Profile

Avery Wiatowski says that he and his fellow field technicians are like the face of Silo.

They are the ones who interact with customers, face to face, while testing for signals, getting people connected and troubleshooting any issues that occur.

Avery is the son of Silo’s co-owners Andreas and Cynthia Wiatowski, and a long-time witness of Silo’s work.

When Silo started, he was only a kid and Silo was a 3-person team running out of the upstairs of his grandparents’ house.

“My first memory of Silo was seeing them running around my oma and opa’s upstairs like chickens with their heads cut off. At first, I was thinking, whose parents start their own Internet company? But then people at school started telling me they have Silo and I realized we were really making a difference in people’s lives. My friends that were on dial up could actually use the Internet,” he said.

Avery has the same entrepreneurial aspirations that his father did.

“I want to be in charge of my day, enjoy my job and make a difference,” he said.

Not only did Avery pick up the entrepreneurship bug, but he also picked up a love of movies from his father.

“He introduced me to classic movies growing up. He showed me movies like The Matrix, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones and Star Wars,” he said.

Avery went on to teach himself video production and became certified in Avid and Adobe Premiere. He also developed a love for script writing, another talent that he was surprised to learn his father shares.

His dream is to one day own a studio and video production rental business that makes the tools needed for filmmaking more accessible for new artists.

In his dream it has an in-house coffee shop and functions as a community space.

“Especially for film and photography, it’s expensive to rent cameras and studio time. I’d like to make it more accessible for students and people trying production for the first time. I remember when I was starting out it was difficult to access a camera and the software I needed. I want to develop a community where people working on projects can collaborate and meet face to face with local artists,” he explained.

Last year, Avery and his girlfriend welcomed their son Kai into the world. As a new dad, he has one big personal goal.

“Being able to wake up from the alarm clock the first time,” he joked.

He said his real goal is to be the best dad I can be.

Outside of work and taking care of Kai, when Avery can get some me-time he likes to play video games. His favourites are Halo, Uncharted and Assassins Creed.

Avery Wiatowski

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