Kaitlyn Murphy’s Staff Profile

Kaitlyn Murphy’s Staff Profile

Kaitlyn Murphy’s Staff Profile

Introducing Kaitlyn Murphy! As part of Silo’s superstar customer service team, Kaitlyn is the first point of contact for new inquiries and current customers.

“I determine whether people are in a serviceable area and what potential speeds are available to them. I also schedule installs and book site surveys,” she said.

Kaitlyn was introduced to Silo by her partner, and one of our esteemed Install Technicians, Jeff!

Highschool sweethearts, Kaitlyn and Jeff will celebrate their twelfth anniversary on June 22nd. Together they have 3 children, Micheal who is 8, Miya who is 4 and Zachary who is 3.

Jeff mentioned to Kaitlyn that Silo had an opening in customer service and she was very interested.

“I’ve been in customer service my entire working career and thought this would be a good opportunity to expand my skillset. I’d never worked in an office before,” she explained.

Kaitlyn is excellent with numbers. She took business accounting in college and hopes to one day work with them more. She’s very proud to have passed on her math talent to her eldest son Michael who is excelling in it at school.

Kaitlyn’s biggest goal is to make a good life for her family. She devotes her spare time to spending as much time with them as possible.

Together, they love to watch TV, movies and play video games. She and Jeff are vintage video game collectors! Some of their oldest are from the very first Nintendo system.

Kaitlyn also enjoys her Sunday ritual.

“Miya, my mother and I go grocery shopping together every Sunday,” she recounted fondly.

She’s grateful to have weekends off to spend time with her family.


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