Silo CEO attends MWC and CANWISP conference

Silo CEO attends MWC and CANWISP conference

Silo CEO attends MWC and CANWISP conference

Staying informed and gaining knowledge are priorities of Silo’s CEO Andreas Wiatowski.

These priorities have lead him all over the world, attending conferences, trade shows and events.

Already this year Andreas has travelled to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress (MWC) and to Gatineau for the annual Canadian Association of Wireless Internet Service Providers (CANWISP) conference.

MWC is the largest event celebrating innovations within the mobile technology industry and where international manufacturers can exhibit their latest product developments.

This was Andreas’ third time attending.

“It’s important for us to stay informed on mobile technology as our industry tends to follow the trends of the mobile industry in terms of equipment,” Andreas explained.

Quite often he’ll get the opportunity to have face to face meetings with these manufacturers to discuss opportunities like trial equipment programs.

This year in particular, Andreas found great value in gaining more insight on the differences in architecture between 4G and 5G and the importance of new 5G security standards.

Participating in MWC is good for business, but it’s also a lot of fun. Andreas loves to see the latest gadgets.

“The coolest thing I saw at MWC this year was the folding smartphones from Samsung and Huawei,” he said.  

CANWISP conference brings things back to Canadian soil. Hosted in Gatineau, Quebec, wireless Internet service providers, distributors and product manufacturers come together to discuss the many ways in which they can work together to bring outstanding access to people across the country.

This year was Andreas’ fifth year at CANWISP’s conference, a special one, as he was appointed Chairman at the 2019 AGM.

Also this year as part of Canwisp’s advocacy, he had the opportunity to participate in the ISED consultation for smaller licensed spectrum areas (Tier 5. A consortium of telecom organizations collaborated and consulted on the best way to meet ISED’s policy framework for Tier 5 areas and provided comments and alternative solutions that would benefit rural and remote operators to deliver next generation wireless broadband services.

He had the opportunity to lead a seminar with his fellow board members about their progress in advocating the state of rural spectrum.

“It’s been wonderful to see that our participation as an organization in the government process has made it so one day spectrum might be more attainable to small businesses like ourselves,” he said.   

This year’s event boasted a number of interesting speakers, but one that stood out in Andreas’ mind was Andrew Au’s presentation “Millennials in the Office” about how to effectively work with millennials.

Andreas values the opportunity to meet with Silo’s distributor partners and manufacturers.

There’s always little bits and pieces you pick up and apply to your business. We learn from other people’s mistakes. People who failed and found a solution. That’s the best way to not follow down the same road,” he said.

And, Andreas returns the favour. This year he spoke on a panel about what he wished he knew before starting his first fibre to the home project.

Andreas is looking forward to WISPAPALOOZA in October, which is a lot like CANWISP but eight times the size and involving companies from all over the world.

This will be Andreas’ ninth time attending.

“I meet people in the industry who own companies of a similar size that share info about how they run their business, what works and what doesn’t work. I gain insights and good ideas. I’m always willing to learn from anyone,” he said.

Andreas has also had the opportunity to gain wisdom and advice attending BC Broadband Conference and The Structure, Tower and Antenna Council (STAC) conference in Montreal, and he has had the enjoyable opportunity of attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to experience the latest in tech toys.

Silo’s vendor partners have also sent him to their international factories in Isreal, Latvia, China and Alabama to showcase products and services.

The travel and excitement is a perk, but the opportunity to gain knowledge and advocate for advancements in his industry is what matters most to Andreas.

“It’s very important to me to continuing to engage the government and be part of the public process, changing things for the better,” he said.

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