Silo to bring lightning-fast fibre Internet to underserved Brant County community

Silo to bring lightning-fast fibre Internet to underserved Brant County community

Silo to bring lightning-fast fibre Internet to underserved Brant County community

Silo will be installing fibre optic infrastructure in Brant County’s Highland Estates by the end of summer.

On Tuesday, May 7 from 7 – 8:30 pm members of the community gathered to attend an information event and learn more about the project and how they could get involved. The event featured a short presentation and Q&A period with Silo CEO Andreas Wiatowski.

Wiatowski started the event by thanking all the customers who have supported Silo from the beginning, allowing them to grow and empowering them to bring state-of-the-art technologies like fibre to the community. He went on to explain the process of laying the fibre lines and connecting individual homes.

Silo is absorbing most construction costs, offering members of Highland Estates the opportunity to pay the small build fee of $500 while the planning and construction phases are in effect. Once construction is complete, the build fee will return to the at-cost price of approximately $3500.

“Fibre is a future ready technology. When we put it in the ground we expect it to be in the ground for the next 50 years and we expect that the technologies are going to allow you to get whatever the latest and greatest is. It’s kind of the end game right now – until someone invents something that’s faster than light,” Wiatowski said to the crowd.

Thirteen customers who signed up and paid their build fee at the event will be receiving their first month free as a gift for supporting the project from the beginning.   

Construction is set to begin in the first week of June, with home installations starting sometime in August.

Packages speeds will range from 25 Mbps all the way to 1 Gbps, with all packages boasting unlimited data. Highland Estates fibre customers will be some of the first to access Silo’s highly anticipated TV offering.

“We’re taking the brunt of the expense to make this happen. Well over half a million dollars up front investment in the community. And, we plan to expand upon that. Quite possibly we might start hitting hamlets within Burford. We have the transport to make it happen and have made a lot of investments in infrastructure,” Wiatowski said.

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Silo has been providing Internet service in Brant County for more than 12 years. The company started in the owners’ home in Harley, installing equipment on their neighbour’s Silo to provide connectivity to the surrounding homes and farms. Silo has come a long way from there, with over a hundred broadcast towers to-date, and recently turning to fibre optic technology to serve the needs of their community.


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