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Since 2007, Silo has been about providing innovative broadband Internet and communications services to an ever-growing list of communities in Southwestern Ontario.

Our primary mission has always been to provide reliable fixed wireless high speed Internet access at affordable prices. Through continuously improving our network, and re-investing in the latest technologies we are able to provide leading-edge access choices as the world evolves.

Understanding the average Canadian's reliance on the Internet has grown drastically in a short amount of time, Silo is sincere in our efforts to provide the average family or business affordable access to a quality, scalable Internet connection. We do so without penalty if they happen to be located in the country. Over time our coverage area has steadily grown by introducing thoughtful, tailored connectivity solutions to communities in need. As we grow we will continue to work with the local residents to make sure we are meeting demands.

Throughout the years word of mouth has grown our business, and we attribute this to our unyielding focus on customer service. The Silo team truly cares about our customer's experience. With all staff being local to the areas which we serve it's easy for us to understand your needs. We also value customer feedback, and rely on input we receive in order to determine our next investment, whether that be expanding our coverage area or, bringing urban-caliber speeds to the country by introducing the nextPath family of packages.

Silo also offers complementary services such as Silo Phone, and Silo TV, our new streaming live television solution. Visit us on Facebook and Twitter today.