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Project Reconnect Puerto Rico

CNN has described the effects of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico as ‘apocalyptic.’ The hurricane has killed more than 40 people, blowing down homes, devastating families and destroying businesses. One business, up until the hurricane hit, was providing an essential service to their community – providing wireless Internet. Without Internet, businesses cannot run, families cannot […]

Cynthia Wiatowski

One day my husband came to me with a seemingly crazy idea and before long we partnered up and Silo was born – Andreas with the technical knowledge as well as entrepreneurial spirit, and me with a background in bookkeeping, customer service and administration.  I believe that the heart of any successful business is exceptional […]

Andreas Wiatowski

I grew up on a farm near Rockton, Ontario. I know what hard work is and I thank my parents everyday for teaching me the value of it. For over 25+ years I have been in the Internet technology field. From being involved with dial-up ISP, web design and business networking solutions my entrepreneurial career […]

Rick Seemann

As Silo’s first outside hire, I joined the team 8 months in and brought a background in small business development. Over the years I have had experience fulfilling different roles at Silo, and the fortunate opportunity to help shape things along the way. Most would agree that, in general, telecommunications is an industry where complacency is par for […]

How to: Whitelist @silowireless.com emails on Gmail

Recently Gmail has rejigged how they classify spam, and it seems many of our customers are finding their monthly invoices in their Gmail’s spam folder. See below for the 5 quick steps to add @silowireless.com to a whitelist, ensuring that never happens again! Log into your gmail account via http://gmail.com Click the gear icon at the upper right-hand […]

The landscape has changed…

Silo is very excited to introduce our newest service- nextPath! When we sat down at a blank slate to develop our first completely brand new Internet service since we opened our doors in 2007, we brought many factors into consideration, most of them stemming directly from customer feedback, and the significant changes in the average […]

3rd upstream fibre feed added to Silo’s network

In our constant pursuit for best-possible performance, service up-time, and overall reliability, Silo has recently peered with a third upstream fibre optics provider. This means under normal network operation we now have three diverse paths out to the Internet.  In the event of an upstream Internet issue, or an unplanned event such as a fibre […]

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