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When it’s time to do business, you need reliable Internet service. We deliver lightning-fast performance with industry-leading support at an affordable price.

Business Services

At Silo, we’re committed to providing the kind of high-quality, affordable business services you need to grow and succeed.

Building a business is hard work. The last thing you need to worry about is unreliable Internet, phone or television service. By investing in sophisticated network technologies designed to protect your connections—not to mention employing redundant routing paths and multiple fibre optics links to allow failures to self-heal—we’ve earned a reputation for providing a highly-reliable user experience and unparalleled customer service support.

But even the most thorough preparation may sometimes not be enough to protect against equipment failures or one-off issues. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of expertly-trained technicians from your community that ensure your support needs and expectations are always met. Because at Silo we treat all of our business partners like family—and we never let our people down.

We believe that when your business succeeds, so does ours. From high-speed and fibre Internet to failover, PBX and television, there’s a perfect service just waiting to help your organization grow—and at a price that’s friendly to your bottom line.

Oh, and one more thing. If you’re tired of overpaying for business TV service, we’re about to raise the curtain on a reliable, affordable solution designed to meet your specific viewing needs.

After years of careful development, we’re nearly ready to debut Silo TV- a live television streaming service that offers stunning quality and incredible savings. Silo TV includes innovative features such as Time Shifting, which allows you to instantly access programming on any channel you subscribe to—up to 2 weeks in the past!

Click here for more information. and stay tuned for more news coming soon!

Some of our longest-standing customers are from right here in Brantford. We asked them to tell us about their Silo experience. Here’s what they had to say …

I have been a client of Silo for over 10 years, business and personal. I have used many different services over the years and can tell you that no connection is perfect. I can also tell you that Silo has the best customer service I have ever seen. That is what means the most to myself and our business. When problems happen, they are on it quick… props to the Silo team.

Pat FisherBetco Products

The Internet is an integral part of how we do business and we’re happy to have Silo as a valued Internet supplier. Rural Ontario needs good Internet and I think it’s essential to help grow business today.

A.V.K. Nursery Holdings Inc.

Without Silo, our own business would not run as efficiently and trouble free as it does.

IBC Computers

Always reliable and able to grow as our needs do. We keep finding new ways to use the internet and Silo helps us keep up as technology changes. Well done!

Gary Foster

I’ve been a customer for 2 years now. Great service. Good pricing. Speed is good (but could always use more). When you call for service the tech help is fantastic.

Carey Van Rassel Britton

We started with another company who promised us we could have unlimited, high speed Internet service at our home. We thought, “just what we need!” Installation begins and so do the troubles. With multiple efforts and much monies later, the recommendation was to cut down our trees or put up a dish, that could speak to the space station, on our roof. We decided to look for another company. Viola! Silo! Now, we have it all and an excellent team, great customer service, it’s cost effective, there’s terrific tech support and they speak in a lingo we can understand. I highly recommend this company for all your Internet, phone and soon tv needs! Thank you Silo.

Lisa Devison

Living in a rural area with a lot of mature trees, I couldn’t ask for a better Internet service. The technician worked hard when we had the Internet installed to get us a strong and reliable signal. The customer service department has always given us a professional service with respect and knowledge. I have and continue to spread the word of their excellent service to my neighbours and friends.

Denise McNamara-MacKenzie

Silo Wireless Internet is a great service out here in the country. I have had great reliable service with them.

Jan Maas

I live in the country and otherwise would not be able to have high speed Internet if it weren’t for Silo. I also love their customer service/tech support team. Always helpful and welcoming. How often is that the case these days?!

Amy McLaughlin

After endless problems with , which left us without service for the past 2 weeks, our Silo service was connected yesterday. I’ve been very happy with the service we’ve received so far. A tech came and did our site survey within 2 business days of calling and found we could get a better signal than expected! Once we called to sign up for the service, our Internet was connected in a few days. Very happy with the speed of upload and download – way faster than we ever had with . My dealings with anyone at Silo have been great, which was not my experience with the previous supplier! I get the feeling Silo genuinely cares about its customers and gives the best service they can.

Tracy Foster

Absolutely amazing service & personality! The big players in this market need a few service & personality lessons from Silo. It’s all about service and Silo delivers that!

Heather Bantick

For us in a rural area, Silo has provided reliable service. Disruptions of service are few and far between. Subscribing to Silo was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Colin Wright

Great service. Sent a question after hours and got a response 10 minutes later. They’re always ready to help.

Heather Johnson

We have been with Silo Wireless for approximately a year. We have had minimal issues which were dealt with promptly and with fantastic customer service!

Sue Joudrie

Very happy with the service and especially the support. Had some problems at first but they were able to help me get a much better signal and allow me much faster Internet. Great solution for rural customers looking for fast speeds.

Greg Jaques

Been a customer for a long time. Service is steady. If there are any interruptions it’s usually fixed quickly and it’s easy to call and find out what’s going on.

Patrick McFadden

I was on for 3 years with only 1.5 Mbps due to the rural area my house is in. No one else offered service at my location until I found Silo, with over 16x the speed (25 Mbps) I thought it was too good to be true. I’ve been with Silo for 2 years now with minimal interruptions and with my contract now over, I’ll gladly renew. Give ‘em a try, it’s worth it.

Leone Thompson

I have been using Silo for close to 2 years now and it is awesome! They have great customer service and support.

Jill Atkinson

I’ve been a long time Silo Wireless subscriber. The company and the people working for it have been excellent to work with. When problems creep up they are quick to respond. Not only that, when it comes to the big issues the company is willing to spend the money to correct them… With this kind of commitment to their customers, and their pride in providing an excellent experience, I would recommend them to anyone living in a rural area looking for fast dependable Internet access.

Richard Zylstra

Excellent service. Any technical issues were fixed fast and efficiently. I recommend Silo Wireless for your Internet service provider.

Brad Bomberry

I live in a rural area and Silo gives me affordable and solid service. It is my best option for a provider where I am. Technical difficulties are solved in a timely fashion when they happen. I am a satisfied customer.

Cathy Smith

I have been with Silo Wireless now for many years. I have had to call for technical assistance only once. Being elderly, I was treated with great respect, courtesy and patience as the technical person walked me through how to reset my Internet after a huge thunder and lightning storm, however I only lost connection for approximately twenty minutes, which I thought was fantastic! I find them very reasonable and affordable in comparison to whom I was with for many years. I recommend Silo to my friends and will continue to do so. I am a dedicated Silo Wireless customer and now all of my nine children are also Silo Wireless customers.

Cheryl Miller
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