Business Services




Silo has always been about giving people the solutions they want, not just meeting their basic needs when it comes to business services.

Our nextPath family of wireless Internet service packages is the perfect example of this, providing the speeds today's household requires to power their lives, and doing so without breaking the bank. You are encouraged to choose your path, tailoring the package to your specific requirements. Go with the Fixed Price option to ensure your monthly bill won’t fluctuate based on your monthly usage, or opt for the Fixed Speed option to lock in availability to top-tier speeds regardless how much you surf. We also understand that over time your requirements may change, so even if you are in a contract you are welcome to move between nextPath packages and paths to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Internet connection.
Silo Phone keeps things simple: No contract, Unlimited calling in continental North America, all advanced calling features (such as caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, voicemail to email, follow me, call forwarding...) included, $29.95 per month.

Finally, our customers have been telling us for years they would love to say goodbye to their costly satellite TV subscriptions. We knew if we were to launch television service it would have to offer something special.

After years of careful development we are almost ready to introduce Silo TV- a live television streaming service that goes beyond saving you a few bucks a month. It will include truly innovative features such as Time Shifting- the ability to instantly access programming on any channel you subscribe to up to 2 weeks in the past! Want to add a second TV box to your account? Your monthly fee will not change. Want to watch on your tablet or smartphone? We've got an app for that!

Click here for more information. and stay tuned for our Silo TV Facebook LIVE Q&A (date TBA).