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Can you put a price on downtime? Specifically designed to act as a safety net if you lose your primary Internet connection, the failover connection is ready to take over. This indispensable service minimizes costly business downtime and service disruptions, while allowing you to maintain peak productivity.

Failover Internet

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*Installation fee includes a standard mounting bracket (if needed) and up to 100ft of cable. Prices subject to change, without notice.

What is Failover?

For most businesses these days, a strong Internet connection is the lifeblood of your daily operations, and critical to overall productivity. Relying on a single connection exposes your business to the risk of unexpected downtime when your service provider experiences an outage.

Silo’s failover connection is specifically designed to act as a safety net in these situations. When you lose your primary Internet connection the failover connection will take over, minimizing any service disruption your business might experience.

Taking this concept a step further, opt for our automatic intervention package, which uses a hardware solution to automate the failover process. This creates a near-seamless transition the moment your primary connection fails. Upon switching to our backup connection the system will automatically notify you via email or SMS, so you can inform your primary provider of the failure.

Not only will you have the peace of mind that your daily operations will continue as normal, but you also receive the highest available speeds from our network at that time, prioritizing your traffic.

How are we able to provide this comprehensive service at such an affordable price?

Unlike other Silo packages, your failover connection is not intended for primary use, and does not require unlimited data usage.

If Silo provides your business’ primary Internet connection, we may still be able to offer you a network-diversified backup connection.

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