Wifi Testimonial

WiFi Testimonial

Paula Misner shared her Managed Home WiFi testimonial with us. When Paula’s house got hit by lighting she lost her Internet connection. “Silo sent a technician who let us know that our router got hit too.” Paula’s router was toast. Luckily, this presented an opportunity for her to make a change and try Silo’s Managed […]

Watching Video

What Internet connection is required for video streaming?

The first online streamed media was a radio broadcast of a baseball game all the way back in 1995. Video streaming came next with many different startups creating competing software. You may remember the most popular of these early streaming software – a little program known as Flash which gained massive popularity in the mid-2000s […]

Jennifer Vos

Advice from the expert…

In this video, Jennifer gives customers an outline of how billing works and the easiest ways to pay your bill! “Hi I’m Jenn from Silo’s Billing Department. I’m here to give you hand and explain some options for paying your bill with us. Your easiest option is to go to the portal. The portal is […]

How Do Internet Speeds Work?

Have you ever asked yourself “How do Internet speeds work?” Well, the answer is complicated. Many variables determine how fast your Internet runs, and in turn how quickly you access the information you need. This article’s goal is to help you understand Internet speed and how this might affect your online experience. For instance, the […]

9 Ways to Speed Up Your Connection

“Last night I was an hour into Guardians of the Galaxy and my Netflix started to buffer! I want to see the end of the movie! Can you help?” Sound familiar? Many customers experience issues with their Internet speed, often when the connection itself is working well. Here’s a list of things you can try […]

Keeping your personal information safe online

Kristen Fiddes, Silo’s resident tech support specialist provides some tips to help you keep your personal information safe online. If you have any questions, feel free to call into Silo’s tech support line at 519-449-5656 ext 3 or contact us here. “We’re making this video because in tech support we get a lot of calls […]

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