Wifi Testimonial

WiFi Testimonial

Paula Misner shared her Managed Home WiFi testimonial with us. When Paula’s house got hit by lighting she lost her Internet connection. “Silo sent a technician who let us know that our router got hit too.” Paula’s router was toast. Luckily, this presented an opportunity for her to make a change and try Silo’s Managed […]

Wifi Router

Wi-Fi Available Now

Silo is proud to announce that our new Managed Home WiFi available now. Last week Silo’s CEO Andreas Wiatowski and Operations Manager Rick Seeman answered customer questions via Facebook LIVE to give people an opportunity to learn more about the exciting new service. You can view the Q&A below! To give you the jist, Silo’s […]

How Do Internet Speeds Work?

Have you ever asked yourself “How do Internet speeds work?” Well, the answer is complicated. Many variables determine how fast your Internet runs, and in turn how quickly you access the information you need. This article’s goal is to help you understand Internet speed and how this might affect your online experience. For instance, the […]

Why having a secure WiFi password is SO important

Many people think a simple password makes life easier, or perhaps because they are in a rural setting with neighbours out of sight they are safe to keep their Wi-Fi network open.

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