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For over ten years, Silo has been proud to provide reliable Internet and outstanding customer service in Brant County and we want to connect you!

What’s the real story?

Silo’s co-owners Cynthia and Andreas couldn’t get Internet where they lived in Brant so they started a company to change that for them and their neighbours. That idea grew and now Silo is providing high-speed unlimited Internet to five different counties in Southern Ontario!

We have packages that will work for youyour family and even your business!

Now, we not only provide a wide variety of Internet packages, but we also offer telephone services and will soon be introducing Silo TV. We can tell you that it’s an honour and a privilege to provide telephone services to the place where the telephone was invented!

Brant Internet Plans

nextPath and Unlimited Packages

Silo has been located in Brantford for the past four years!

Are you a new customer? Come in and ask us about our services! Existing customer with a question? We welcome you to visit!

Internet in Brant Ontario

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Some of our oldest customers are from right here in Brantford. We asked them to tell us the truth about their experiences. Here’s what some of our customers from Brantford had to say…

I have been a client of Silo for over 10 years, business and personal. I have used many different services over the years and can tell you that no connection is perfect. I can also tell you that Silo has the best customer service I have ever seen. That is what means the most to myself and our business. When problems happen, they are on it quick… props to the Silo team.

Pat Fisher

Always reliable and able to grow as our needs do. We keep finding new ways to use the internet and Silo helps us keep up as technology changes. Well done!

Gary Foster

Without Silo, our own business would not run as efficiently and trouble free as it does.

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Why we love Brantford and Brant County…

We are proud to be located in Brantford, a town with rich history and a spirit of constant growth.

Brantford’s founder, Mohawk Chief and Captain Joseph Thayendanegea Brant led the people of the Six Nations from upper New York to the Grand River, now a Canadian Heritage River. Over 200 years later the village they built is now Brantford, Ontario. Through history the rich agricultural lands and Grand River watershed attracted American and European Settlers. The town became a manufacturing mecca. Its history of success can be seen in the older parts of the city where there are still beautiful churches, Victorian houses and old commercial buildings. Brant County includes Brantford, nearby hamlets like Burford, Paris and St George as well as their rural surroundings.

Brantford is famous around the world for being the place where Alexander Graham Bell came up with the idea for the telephone back in 1874. The town is also the proud home of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky! Today the community boasts a diverse population of almost 100,000 people and it’s growing all the time.

Fun fact: Alexander Graham Bell made the very first long distance call in Brantford in 1876 on the 10th of August!

Within Brant County Silo also services the communities of St. George, Burford, Oakland, East Oakland, Burtch, Newport, Cainsville, Langford, Osborne Corners, Glen Morris, Harrisburg, Muir, Northfield, Kelvin, Harley and Mount Vernon.

Our technicians are in your neighbourhood! Follow us on Instagram to see their photos of landscapes, pets, wildlife and events in Brantford and Brant County!

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