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Silo has been serving Harley since the very beginning! In 2007, we installed equipment on a local residents property – a family that has a rich history in the Harley area. This was our second transmission site ever!

Twelve years ago when they moved to Harley, Silo co-owners, Cynthia and Andreas could not get Internet at their home. This was what inspired them to start the business.

To this day they have a transmission site built on their property which connects them and their neighbours.

Our customers have kindly provided honest feedback on Facebook and Google. This is what some of the ones from Brant County had to say…

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Silo has been located in Harley for the past twelve years!

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Some of our oldest customers are from right here in Harley. We asked them to tell us the truth about their experiences. Here’s what some of our customers from Harley had to say…

I have been a client of Silo for over 10 years, business and personal. I have used many different services over the years and can tell you that no connection is perfect. I can also tell you that Silo has the best customer service I have ever seen. That is what means the most to myself and our business. When problems happen, they are on it quick… props to the Silo team.

Pat Fisher

I’ve been a long lime Silo Wireless subscriber The company and the people working for it have been excellent to work with. When problems creep up they are quick to respond. Not only that when i comes to the big issues the company is willing to spend the money to correct them.
Case and point 2 years ago there were some issues with their new LTE network. In order to understand and fix the speed issues that were being experienced by myself and many other users they brought in a specialized tool. I believe the cost was around 200k. This tool then determined that the issues were actually related to LTE interference caused by AT&T in the states. After working with AT&T and resolving the issues the internet was running great again.

With this kind of commitment to their customers and their pride in providing an excellent experience, I would recommend them to anyone living in a rural area looking for fast dependable internet access.

Richard Zylstra

Always reliable and able to grow as our needs do. We keep finding new ways to use the internet and Silo helps us keep up as technology changes. Well done!

Gary Foster

Why we love Harley…

Harley is a proud community in Burford Township with a rich history all its own. From 1858 to 1893 Harley was home to the World’s Fair! The fair attracted tourist and locals, celebrating the township’s agriculture with animal showings, food and fun! The fair continues to this day, but since 1893 it’s been celebrated on the Burford Fairgrounds. The small community had it’s own school, Harley-Northfield where, in the past, children in the community would get their education. Now, students enroll in Burford District Elementary School, which was revamped in 2002.

Harley is the proud home of the Burford Township Historical Society. The museum is located in Harley in the former Burford Township town hall. The museum is staffed by volunteers from the community, and boasts a wonderful array of agricultural artifacts and historical photos. Most of the farm artifacts and pictures on display were donated by members of the community. The museum is working on creating an archive of their artifacts for history and genealogy buffs to enjoy. They also host events for the community including their Strawberry Social! At this event visitors and residents can enjoy local Ontario strawberries with ice cream and cake!

Fun fact: The old town hall was built in Harley circa 1877!

Other than Harley, in Brant County, Silo also services the communities of  Brantford, St. George, Burford, Oakland, East Oakland, Burtch, Newport, Cainsville, Langford, Osborne Corners, Glen Morris, Harrisburg, Muir, Northfield, Kelvin, Mount Vernon.


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