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Silo has been serving the people of Muir for over 8 years! Our equipment is housed on a grain elevator, owned by a local family with strong roots in Brant County.

Not only does Silo provide reliable Internet to residential homes in Muir, but we also connect local businesses!

We’re proud to have hundreds of reviews from Silo customers on Facebook and Google. Here’s some of the reviews we’ve received from residents in Brant County.

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Silo has been located in Brantford for the past eight years!

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Some of our oldest customers are from right here in Muir. We asked them to tell us the truth about their experiences. Here’s what some of our customers from Muir had to say…

I have been a client of Silo for over 10 years, business and personal. I have used many different services over the years and can tell you that no connection is perfect. I can also tell you that Silo has the best customer service I have ever seen. That is what means the most to myself and our business. When problems happen, they are on it quick… props to the Silo team.

Pat Fisher

I’ve been a long lime Silo Wireless subscriber The company and the people working for it have been excellent to work with. When problems creep up they are quick to respond. Not only that when i comes to the big issues the company is willing to spend the money to correct them.

Case and point 2 years ago there were some issues with their new LTE network. ln order to understand and fix the speed issues that were being experienced by myself and many other users they brought in a specialized tool. I believe the cost was around 200k. This tool then determined that the issues were actually related to LTE interference caused by AT&T in the states. After working with AT&T and resolving the issues the internet was running great again.

With this kind of commitment to their customers and their pride in providing an excellent experience, I would recommend them to anyone living in a rural area looking for fast dependable internet access.

Richard Zylstra

Always reliable and able to grow as our needs do. We keep finding new ways to use the internet and Silo helps us keep up as technology changes. Well done!

Gary Foster

Why we love Muir…

There’s an interesting story behind this humble community. A village within Burford Township, it was presumably named for the Muir family that settled there from Scotland, UK.

John and Diana Muir and their son Robert settled in Burford in the year 1834 and made a successfully livelihood as farmers. In The History of the County of Brant, Ontario by J.H. Beers & Co, Beers writes about Robert Muir saying, “he (was) a self-read man, having received a limited education in the primitive schools of a new country, often going four miles to school and frequently encountering wild animals on the way.”  Despite this limitation, Robert became a contractor, helping to construct the Great Western Railway of Canada and the Hamilton to London plank road.

He was later appointed as one of the area’s first local politicians, all the while leading the local militia. He went on to become a writer and a historian, publishing his own history book called “The Early Political and Military History of Burford,” the first half describing Burford’s political history and the second detailing historic military operations.

On a drive through Muir you’ll enjoy the beautiful views of rural Ontario. Muir’s Van Straten Bakery supplies grocery stores around the country with freshly baked goods like almond filled shortbread and their famous slab cakes!

Fun fact: As if his story wasn’t interesting enough, Robert Muir also made time to travel all over the world. He once traveled to New Zealand on a boat which subsequently caught fire! He survived to tell the tale.

Other than Muir, in Brant County, Silo also services the communities of  Brantford, St. George, Burford, Oakland, East Oakland, Burtch, Newport, Cainsville, Langford, Osborne Corners, Glen Morris, Harrisburg, Harley, Northfield, Kelvin, Mount Vernon.

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