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Silo has been serving New Dundee since 2018 when we installed equipment on a 600 ft tower between there and Plattsville.

Did you know that our New Dundee tower is fed by fibre optic transport?

Since installing state of the art equipment on this tower we now not only service New Dundee but surrounding neighbourhoods like Plattsville, Washington and New Hamburg!

Silo has Internet packages designed for residential homes and businesses and soon New Dundee will also have access to our new TV service!

If you’re curious how customers in the area feel about their Silo service you can read the hundreds of reviews they’ve left on both Facebook and Google.

New Dundee Internet Plans

nextPath and Unlimited Packages

Silo has been located in New Dundee for the past twelve years!

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We asked our customers to tell us the truth about their experiences. Here’s what some of them had to say…

I have been a client of Silo for over 10 years, business and personal. I have used many different services over the years and can tell you that no connection is perfect. I can also tell you that Silo has the best customer service I have ever seen. That is what means the most to myself and our business. When problems happen, they are on it quick… props to the Silo team.

Pat Fisher

Always reliable and able to grow as our needs do. We keep finding new ways to use the internet and Silo helps us keep up as technology changes. Well done!

Gary Foster

I’ve been a long time Silo Wireless subscriber. The company and the people working for it have been excellent to work with. When problems creep up they are quick to respond. Not only that when it comes to the big issues the company is willing to spend the money to correct them.

Case and point 2 years ago their were some issues with their new LTE network. In order to understand and fix the speed issues that were being experienced by myself and many other users they brought in a specialized tool. I believe the cost was around 200k. This tool then determined that the issues were actually related to LTE interference caused by AT&T in the states. After working with AT&T and resolving the issues the internet was running great again.

With this kind of commitment to their customers and their pride in providing an excellent experience, I would recommend them to anyone living in a rural area looking for fast dependable internet access.

Richard Zylstra
new dundee

Why we love New Dundee…

New Dundee is a small community south-west of Kitchener built on Alder Creek, part of the Grand River watershed.

It’s original settles, the Millar brothers, saw the potential of the creek and started the town with their sawmill business back in 1830. Soon after a large grist mill was built, which stayed in operation until 1980. After the grist mill came the village plan in 1850 and soon enough Lutherans from Germany and Mennonites from Waterloo began to build their homes in the community.

The Post Office was the next thing to open in 1852 and as the years went on the town added two churches, two stores, two hotels, a school, a new sawmill, a flour mill and factories producing flax, shingles and rakes. By 1870 the population was 250.

Ezra H. Thamer continued the town’s growth in 1904 when he opened the New Dundee Rural Telephone Company, and started the New Dundee Co-Operative Creamery Ltd, which stayed open until 1998.

Today, children are still getting their education at the public school that was built in 1928.

Visitors and locals love The Dundee Country Club, which opened in 1970. It boasts scenic views and challenging golf, with many large trees and scattered ponds on a total area of 6357 yards.

On a drive through New Dundee on you’ll see quaint small businesses and some historic buildings still standing to this day. Stop at Optimist Park to enjoy the view of Alder Lake and, if you’re looking to see a historic building, eat delicious food and do some boutique shopping, the New Dundee Emporium is your one stop shop! Built in 1887 to honour Queen Victoria, the building is an excellent example of architecture in the Victorian mercantile style.

Fun fact: Canada’s “Father of Archaeology” and Iroquoian prehistory expert, William J. Wintemberg was born in New Dundee! 

Other than New Dundee, within Waterloo Region, Silo services the communities of Cambridge, Kitchener, Sheffield, Hespeler, Preston, Waterloo and Clyde.

Our technicians are in your neighbourhood! Follow us on Instagram to see their photos of landscapes, pets, wildlife and events in New Dundee!

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