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Silo has been providing service in Norfolk County for over 9 years! In early 2008, our second year of business, our fifth ever transmission site was installed on a grain elevator in Boston, ON. Now, Silo has over 90 transmission sites!

More than ten of these sites are in Norfolk County! One interesting transmission site, set up in 2009, was perched atop a crane on a Kevin resident’s property! Now, the crane has been replaced by a proper tower. This infrastructure, built over the past decade, has allowed Silo to provide essential high-speed service to the Norfolk community.

Now, we’re pleased to have packages that will work for you, your family and even your business!

Silo not only provides a wide variety of Internet packages, but we also offer telephone services and will soon be introducing Silo TV.

Norfolk Internet Plans

nextPath and Unlimited Packages

Silo has been located in Norfolk for the past nine years!

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We asked customers in your community to provide honest reviews of Silo‘s services. Here’s what some of our customers in Norfolk County had to say…

Very happy with the service and especially the support. Had some problems at first but they were able to help me get a much better signal and allow me much faster internet. Great solution for rural customers looking for fast speeds.

Greg Jaques

Been a customer for along time. Service is steady. If there are any interruptions its usually fixed quickly and its easy to call and find out whats going on.

Patrick McFadden

I was on Kwic for 3 years with only Mbps due to the rural area my house is in. No one else offered service at my location until I found Silo, with over 16x the speed (Mbps) I thought It was too good to be true. I’ve been with Silo for 2 years now with minimal interruptions and with my contract now over. I’ll gladly renew. Give ‘em a try, it’s worth it.

Leone Thompson

Why we love Simcoe and Norfolk County…

Norfolk County is famous for its beaches, quaint towns and villages on Lake Erie. Places like Port Dover, Turkey Point and Long Point are popular vacation destinations for Ontarians and Canadians alike!

Simcoe, Norfolk County’s largest town, was named after the first Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, John Graves Simcoe in 1795. Before that, Simcoe was actually split into two hamlets. What is now the downtown was originally known as Birdtown, named after early settler, William Bird and the North end of town which is now called “The Queensway” was once the hamlet of Theresaville.

Now, Simcoe boasts large industrial players like Toyoetsu auto parts and Canada’s biggest ice cream plant. On a visit to Simcoe you will see beautiful parks, heritage sites, shops, restaurants and more.

Fun fact: Norfolk County has its own official song, written and performed by by Tom Swiech of Waterford! The lyrics are as follows:

On a strip of sandy soil,
Lies a county called Norfolk.
Its Ontario’s south coast you know
And it’s surely not remote

If you pass through or spend a day
Or decide to call it home,
You’ll see why we love it here
And are proud to call it our own.

Norfolk, Norfolk, my southern county home.
Norfolk, Norfolk, we know you can’t go wrong.
With the friendly folk of Norfolk,
You won’t be a stranger long.

Take in the small town atmosphere.
Be amazed at all that we grow,
Like our kids that go and see the world
And can’t wait to return home.

Drop a line in a placid lake
Or stroll along the shore.
Take a tour on a peaceful country road
You’re bound to be back for more.

With hard work, we’ve built a dream
That only willing hands could do.
It’s on display at our fall fairs
And at all the festivals too.

Erie beaches, carolinian forests
Where flowering dogwoods bloom;
Patchwork fields and rolling hills
It’s just tile place for you.

Norfolk, Norfolk, my southern county home.
Norfolk, Norfolk, we know you can’t go wrong.
With the friendly folk of Norfolk,
You won’t be a stranger long.

Norfolk, Norfolk, Norfolk, Norfolk
You won’t be a stranger long.

Within Norfolk County Silo services the communities of Simcoe, Waterford, Wilsonville, Boston, Walsh, Vittoria, Normandale, Turkey Point, Port Ryerse, Port Dover, Townsend, Nanicoke, Sour Springs, Bealton, Villa Nova, Dundurn, Kelvin, Hawtrey, La Salette, Teeterville, Windham Centre, Lynnville, Vanessa, Nixon, Fishers Glen, Pine Grove, Silver Hill, Saint Williams, Forestville, Renton, Dos Nest.

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