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Silo has been serving the community of Norwich for the past five years. From equipment installed on a grain elevator in Otterville, we have been able to provide connectivity to the community. Now, we‘re happy to announce, we’ve leased a 300 ft tower between Otterville and Norwich, equipped with the latest in LTE technology, which will allow for reliable connections and faster speeds!

Norwich customers can choose from packages designed for both businesses and residential homes.

Silo TV will also be offered in this community in the near future!

Norwich Internet Plans

nextPath and Unlimited Packages

Silo has been located in Norwich for the past five years!

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We‘ve asked our customers to provide honest reviews via Facebook and Google. Here’s what some people from Oxford County had to say…

I have been using Silo for close to 2 years now and it is awesome! They have great customer service and support.

Jil Atkinson

For us in a rural area, Silo has provided reliable service. Disruption of service are few and far between. Subscribing to Silo was one of the best things I have ever done.

Colin Wright

Why we love Norwich…

Norwich was settled in the early 1800s and became one of the most successful Quaker settlements in Upper Canada. These families were said to have brought a large number of dairy cows with them and by the 1840s excelled, winning butter and cheese-making prizes at province-wide agricultural fairs for their handy work. In the 1860s, Norwich farmers became the first to adopt the American factory approach to cheese-making, one farmer even gaining international acclaim in 1865 for producing 4,000 pounds of cheese.

The first mill in Norwich was built in 1807 and there were many more to follow. The Otterville Mill, which was built in 1845, still stands today and is lovingly maintained by the South Norwich Historical Society. They also provide tours by request.

Farmers throughout the community make a living largely on corn, soybean, and wheat. In the North, many farmers also have dairy cows and, in the South, they grow tobacco, vegetables and ginseng.

Visitors can enjoy a tour of The Norwich and District Museum, one of Ontario’s longest operating rural life museums, housed inside the original meeting house that was built in 1889. Not a history buff? Make a stop at Dillon Park during the fastball season on Thursday and Sunday nights to catch a Norwich Tigers home game.

Fun fact: Unlike England’s Norwich, pronounced NOOR-ij, Norwich, Ontario is pronounced just like it’s spelled, NOOR-wich.

Other than Norwich, in Oxford County, Silo also services the communities of Woodstock, Bright, Drumbo, Innerkip, Princeton, Wolverton, Richwood, Gobles, Etonia, Canning, Creditville, Muir, Oxford Centre, Curries, Holbrook, Burgessville, Beaconsfield, Springford, Otterville, Milldale, Brown’s Corner, New Durham, Hinks Corners, Ranelagh.

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