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Silo has been servicing Six Nations for more than 7 years! Back in 2011, we got involved with Building Connected Communities, an initiative that would bring Brant County and Six Nations of the Grand River Territory online, connecting families and the community to new opportunities for growth.

We installed four 300 ft towers on the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory that introduced high-speed Internet service to Six Nations, New Credit, Hagersville, Caledonia and surrounding areas, communities that were formally under served.

At that time, the Expositor’s Susan Gamble did a write-up where former Six Nations Chief Coun. Bill Montour is quoted saying there was a great need for Internet service on Six Nations. In 2009, a study showed that 52% of homes lacked Internet service and, of the homes with Internet service, 53% were using dial-up.

An archived bulletin from Ontario’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs said the project would “provide 15,580 residents, 1,200 local businesses and many public institutions with the infrastructure needed to access high-speed Internet. This will enable the local business community to fully participate in the digital economy, improve public access to online services, and help citizens access economic and social development opportunities.”

With the infrastructure complete, we were able to and have long since been offering telephone services and Internet packages designed for individuals, families and businesses!

Soon we will also be introducing an Internet-based television service that we’re calling Silo TV!

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Silo has been located in Six Nations for the past seven years!

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Some of our oldest customers are from right here in Six Nations. We asked them to tell us the truth about their experiences. Here’s what some of our customers from Six Nations had to say…

Excellent service. Any technical issues was fix fast and efficient. I recommend Silo wireless for your internet service provider.

Brad Bomberry

I live in a rural area and Silo gives me affordable and solid service. It is my best option for a provider where I am. Technical difficulties are solved in a timely fashion when they happen. I am a satisfied customer.

Cathy Smith

I have been with Silo Wireless now for many years, I have had to call for technical assistance only once being an elderly I was treated with great respect, courtesy and patience as the technical person walked me through how to reset my internet after a huge thunder and lightning storm, however I only lost connection for approximately twenty minutes. which I thought was fantastic! I find them very reasonable and affordable in comparison to Bell whom | was with for many years. I recommend Silo to my friends and will continue to do so. I am a dedicated Silo Wireless Customer and now all of my nine children are also Silo Wireless Customers.

Cheryl Miller
Six Nations

Why we love Six Nations of the Grand River…

Six Nations of the Grand River has the largest population of all the Canadian First Nations, with a total band membership of 25,660, 12,271 of which live within the Six Nations. The Six Nations of the Grand River is the only place in North America where you’ll find all the Haudenosaunee nations living together. These are Onondaga, Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Seneca and Tuscarora. The Haudenousanee Confederacy is an alliance that was formed thousands of years ago by a man who was dubbed The Peacemaker because he brought peace to the people of the Haudenosaunee through establishing The Great Law system. He decreed that families would be organized into clans, with each clan’s identity being passed down by the matriarch. Each clan family would have a clan-mother and a cheif, who would manage law, and serve their people.

In the late 1700s, the Six Nations people became allies of the British and for their loyalty were given land along the Grand River, most of which was taken from them. To this day, they only occupy 46,000 acres of that land, which is known as the “Six Nations Reserve No. 40,” located between Brantford, Caledonia, and Hagersville.

Visitors can enjoy a visit to the Chiefswood National Historic Site, the birthplace of the acclaimed Mohawk-English poet, Pauline Johnson. This mansion was built on the Grand River in 1856, with two front doors. One was there to greet Mohawks coming from the river by canoe, and the other faced the road to greet the English coming from Brantford by horse and buggy. Each year members of the Six Nations gather here to celebrate Aboriginal Day in June and their Champion of Champion’s Pow Wow in July. Silo is proud to provide WiFi at the Pow Wow every year!

Another beautiful site is The Mohawk Chapel. Built in 1785, it is one of Canada’s oldest buildings. It is located on the bank of the Grand River atop Six Nations land in Brantford and is the one building that remains of the original Mohawk Village. It is the oldest surviving church in Ontario! Visit to see the glorious stained glass windows, which were designed from the late 50s to the early 60s, and the burial place of historical figures Joseph and John Brant.

Fun fact: The people of the Six Nations lived in huge rectangular homes called “Longhouses” and the name Haudenosaunee actually translates to “they build houses.”

Within Six Nations Silo services the communities of New Credit, Ohsweken, Medina Corners, Sixty-Nine Corners, Smooth Town, Stoneridge, Saint Johns, Beavers Corner, Tom Longboat, Willow Grove, Onondaga, Little Buffalo.

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