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Silo has been serving Waterloo Region for over eight years! From just 1 site back in 2012, our presence in Waterloo Region has grown. We now have a total of seven towers dedicated to bringing reliable high-speed Internet to this community!

We are happy to be connecting hundreds of rural homes and business in Waterloo Region to high speeds and, with that, opportunities for growth as a community.

And we’re always investing in new technology and have big plans for this region. Keep an eye on our News page for announcements about new towers and technologies!

In Waterloo Region we have Internet and telephone packages tailored for both homes and businesses. We are also very excited to add an Internet-based television service that we’re calling Silo TV to our offerings!

Don’t take our word for it! Read our reviews to know what some customers had to say about Silo…

Waterloo Region Internet Plans

nextPath and Unlimited Packages

Silo has been located in Waterloo Region for the past eight years!

Are you a new customer? Come in and ask us about our services! Existing customer with a question? We welcome you to visit!

Customer Service

Find us at:

19 Sage Court
Brantford ON
N3R 7T4

Call: 519 449 5656

Some of our oldest customers are from right here in Waterloo Region. We asked them to tell us the truth about their experiences. Here’s what some of our customers from Waterloo Region had to say…

Been a customer for 2 years now great service good pricing. Speed is good. ( but could always use more)

When you call for service the tech help ts fantastic.

P Carey Van Rassel Sritton

We stared with another company who promised us we could have unlimited, high speed internet to service our home. We thought just what we need! Installation begins and so do the troubles. With multiple efforts and much monies tater, the recommendation was to cut down our trees or put up a dish, that could speak to the Space station on our roof. We decided to look for another company. Voila! Silo !! Now, we have it all and an excellent team, great customer service, cost effective. terrific tech support and speak in a lingo we can understand Highly recommend this company for all your Internet. phone and soon tv needs! Thank you Silo.

Lisa Devison

Living in a rural area with a lot of mature trees I couldn’t ask for a better internet service. The technician worked hard when we had the internet installed to get us a strong and reliable signal. The customer service department has always given us a professional service with respect and knowledge. I have and continue to spread the word of their excellent service to my neighbors and friends.

Denise McNamara-MacKenzie

Why we love Waterloo Region…

Waterloo Region is made up of three cities that combine the creature comforts of urban living with small town charm. These three cities are surrounded by beautiful rural communities. Visitors and residents alike enjoy the views in Cambridge along the Grand River, a walk or bike ride on the Cambridge to Paris Rail Trail, Kitchener’s many festivals as well as their Chicopee ski hill! Students from all over Canada and the world travel to attend Waterloo’s prestigious University.

On a drive through rural Waterloo Region you can enjoy gorgeous landscapes, and in visiting the many farms acquire handmade Mennonite quilts and furniture, homemade apple butter, maple syrup, sausages and cheese.

Waterloo Region, which was known for decades as Waterloo County, was settled by Pennsylvanian Germans and Scottish in the 1700s. It wasn’t until 1973 that it was officially declared Waterloo Region, the same year that the City of Cambridge was incorporated.

Fun fact: Waterloo Region has one of the highest growth rates in Ontario! After almost 300 years since its very beginning, the region now boats a population of over 530,000.

Within Waterloo Region, Silo services the communities of Cambridge, Kitchener, Sheffield, Hespeler, Preston, Waterloo, New Dundee and Clyde.


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