Robert Levesque

Robert Levesque

“Listening is the key.” A heartfelt quote from Robert Levesque. The newest member of our Technical Support team describing what is important to keep ‘top of mind’ for every call. Robert has been with us at Silo a little over a year now and has quickly proved himself a welcome addition. He comes to us […]

Trevor Swayze

Trevor Swayze

Trevor Swayze is the person that you would almost always speak with if you call for technical support on evenings and weekends. If the customer’s issue wasn’t solvable by the first tier of tech support, Trevor’s job is to take a deeper dive into the issue and find a resolution. Sometimes finding a resolution takes […]

Triggers n Bows

Fun at Triggers and Bows!

Silo’s staff met joyously at Triggers and Bows in Burford a week ago for an exciting team building event! We all arrived at what felt like one of our all-staff breakfast meetings. Silo’s co-owners, Cynthia and Andreas at each end of the table with an array of goodies laid out for us all to enjoy. […]


Curtis Gibbons – Staff Profile

Curtis Gibbons has been a Silo field technician for a few years, but well before that he was a fan. “I asked for Silo for my 13th birthday,” he said. Curtis’ family was one of the homes in Drumbo that, before Silo, could not get a reliable Internet connection. Now he is pleased to be […]

LTE Technology

$1.5 million investment in LTE technology to offer higher speeds & connect more people in our communities

We are proud to announce a $1.5 million investment to upgrade our 3.65 GHz deployment to new industry standard LTE technology! Silo was an early adopter of Canada’s 3.65 GHz ‘lightly licensed’ wireless band when it was first introduced back in 2011. The introduction of this band was a big deal as it allowed service […]

Wifi Router

Wi-Fi Available Now

Silo is proud to announce that our new Managed Home WiFi available now. Last week Silo’s CEO Andreas Wiatowski and Operations Manager Rick Seeman answered customer questions via Facebook LIVE to give people an opportunity to learn more about the exciting new service. You can view the Q&A below! To give you the jist, Silo’s […]

Vintage Cash Register

Staff Profile – Jennifer Vos

Jenn is the first person you’ll see when you walk in the door and with that smile there’s no better person for the job! “As Billing Clerk and Receptionist, I direct people to the right person, answer customer’s questions and take payments at the reception desk. I also answer questions regarding billing and payments over […]

A day in the life of a field technician

Day in the life of a field technician

By Autumn Ladouceur, Silo’s Web & Social Media Coordinator A day in the life of a Silo Field Technician involves a great deal of critical thinking, decision making, customer service and care. It takes someone with a questioning mind and a love for the outdoors! I had the privilege of observing a normal day in […]

Sony Playstation VR

My Experience with Virtual Reality

By Trevor Swayze, Technical Support Virtual reality is touted as the next big entertainment phenomenon. It’s available on PC’s, The Sony PlayStation 4, Smartphones, and many arcade locations. Depending on the version that you purchase you get a very different experience. Some versions of VR are just simple goggles that you put up to your […]

Warehouse Mechanic

Staff Profile – Geoff Ruddy

Geoff was hired on as an installation assistant six years ago and is now Silo’s Field and Warehouse Coordinator! “Initially, I was hired as an Installation Assistant. The role fit my interests – technology, electronics, taking things apart and solving problems. As time went on I was promoted from Assistant to Installer, from Installer to […]

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