Project Reconnect Puerto Rico

CNN has described the effects of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico as ‘apocalyptic.’ The hurricane has killed more than 40 people, blowing down homes, devastating families and destroying businesses. One business, up until the hurricane hit, was providing an essential service to their community – providing wireless Internet. Without Internet, businesses cannot run, families cannot […]

Beware Online Survey Scams

If you have not come across one of these pop-ups / web page redirects during your travels on the Internet you probably will see one soon.

Why having a secure WiFi password is SO important

Many people think a simple password makes life easier, or perhaps because they are in a rural setting with neighbours out of sight they are safe to keep their Wi-Fi network open.

The votes are in! Brant News Readers’ Choice 2015 Best Internet Service Provider

We are proud to announce that Brant News readers have chosen Silo as the winner for 2015 Best Internet Service Provider! We are incredibly honoured; this award is especially meaningful as it’s voted on by the public in the communities which we serve. 2016 will bring Silo into new communities, and our existing coverage area […]

How to: Whitelist emails on Gmail

Recently Gmail has rejigged how they classify spam, and it seems many of our customers are finding their monthly invoices in their Gmail’s spam folder. See below for the 5 quick steps to add to a whitelist, ensuring that never happens again! Log into your gmail account via Click the gear icon at the upper right-hand […]

The landscape has changed…

Silo is very excited to introduce our newest service- nextPath! When we sat down at a blank slate to develop our first completely brand new Internet service since we opened our doors in 2007, we brought many factors into consideration, most of them stemming directly from customer feedback, and the significant changes in the average […]

3rd upstream fibre feed added to Silo’s network

In our constant pursuit for best-possible performance, service up-time, and overall reliability, Silo has recently peered with a third upstream fibre optics provider. This means under normal network operation we now have three diverse paths out to the Internet.  In the event of an upstream Internet issue, or an unplanned event such as a fibre […]

2014 PROFIT 500 ranking revealed!

Brantford, Ontario (June 12, 2014) Canadian Business and PROFIT today ranked Silo Wireless No. 82 on the 26th annual PROFIT 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. Published in the July issue of Canadian Business and online at, the PROFIT 500 ranks Canadian businesses by their revenue growth over five years. Silo Wireless made the 2014 PROFIT […]

Updates on new fibre feed & business customers

As part of the upgrades introduced here, our business customers will need to transition to new public IP addresses in order for us to be able to offer redundancy via our new fibre feed in Burford. This is due to the current IP addresses being permanently bound to the Brantford fibre feed.  In the event there […]

Introducing New Anti-Spam Measures

Implementing anti-spam measures is very much a game of cat and mouse. As measures become implemented, spammers find new ways of working around them. In order to continue to protect our domain, and the thousands of email addresses it supports, we are introducing a new layer to protect against the domain getting banned […]

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