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PBX as low as $10.00 per extension/month

unlimited Calling

anywhere in Canada & the Continental USA!




Caller ID with Name
Advanced Voicemail
Voicemail to Email
ID Privacy
Call Waiting
Follow Me
Call Return
Repeat Dialing
Ring Groups
Call Transfer
Call Forwarding
Auto Attendant 



Local Number Porting - Keep your current phone number!
Conference Bridge
Virtual Phone Numbers - Have a 'local' number for any city in Canada or USA!
Email to Fax/Fax to Email
Call Recording
Toll Free Numbers
International Calling

How Does It Work?

Custom tailored to suit your business, nextPath PBX Business gives you all the advantages of a traditional PBX system without any of the hassle. With the hosted PBX Business server living on Silo’s secure private network, you can enjoy clear call quality without having to worry about the expense and burden of maintaining infrastructure at your office. We’ll take care of the system backups, any upgrades, and technical support; leaving you more time to spend on the thing that matters most, the customer on the other end of the call. Our team will work to understand your needs, making sure the system is configured to best serve your business.

Once set-up, we simply connect the handsets to the Internet, and you are up and running! Moving forward, it’s easy for nextPath PBX to adapt to your business’ ever-changing needs. From adding more extensions, to using the system while out of office, Silo has worked hard to ensure changes are fast, affordable, and simple to make.

Sign up today for nextPath PBX and change the way you spend your money. Starting as low as $9.99/month per extension, our customers achieve a
40-80% monthly cost savings as compared to their old phone provider!

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