Silo Home Phone Service

It works the same as your traditional landline, but without the worry of paying extra for long distance or having to cut great conversations short to save on your monthly bill. Silo Phone –it’s a game-changing way to stay connected.

Silo Phone Service

Included monthly calling features

  • Caller ID with Name
  • Advanced Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Email
  • ID Privacy
  • Call Waiting
  • Follow Me
  • Call Return
  • Repeat Dialing
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Call Forwarding

Available Features

  • Local Number Porting
    Keep your current phone number!
  • Virtual Telephone Numbers
    Have a ‘local’ number for any city in Canada or USA!
  • Multiple Lines
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • International Calling

Silo Phone includes Managed Home Wi-Fi

Silo Phone includes Managed Home Wi-Fi

Silo VoIP Phone Service

Phone anywhere in Canada & Continental USA! No contract!

Silo Phone FAQ’s

Can you provide a distinctive ring between phone numbers?

No. If you have more than one phone number they will ring the same. You can however add a second line to your service which will allow you to plug in a different phone for each number.

Will this work with my home security system?

Most home security companies can configure their equipment to work through our service. If your security company is not familiar with our service but has the ability to work with other VOIP providers please have them contact us and we can provide them with whatever they need to get things running through our service.

What makes Silo Phone better than Brand X VOIP provider?

The main advantage to our service versus using another VOIP provider is the location of our servers and equipment. With another VOIP provider every packet of voice information has to leave our network and travel through multiple hops and devices along the Internet to reach the provider’s data center. With Silo Phone all of that equipment is internal to our Silo network, so you will not experience the delay and deterioration that can happen while travelling over the Internet to reach the voice servers.

Will I have any echo or delay in the conversation?

Given proper bandwidth is available, the quality of Silo Phone is indistinguishable from a properly working land line. Again, we suggest making sure you are subscribed to an Internet speed package that provides enough bandwidth to support the needs of your home.

Does the service work with collect calls?

Unfortunately VOIP does not support the collect calling system. If the collect calls typically come from the same caller we suggest adding a virtual phone number from the caller’s area code.  This would make any calls to you ‘local’ and therefore exempt from any long distance charges.

Can I use this service away from my home?

If you have access to an Internet connection, yes! Plug your VOIP adapter into the Internet and your home phone (and its local number) will work normally! Remember, your 911 emergency response address must be updated each time you move the location of your phone service. Please note this is in no way a replacement for a cellular phone.

Can I make international calls?

Yes! By default all Silo Phone customer accounts have international calling disabled.  To request this feature be enabled please contact us.  There is no charge to enable this service.  Once enabled, you will be able to make international calls.  Outgoing international calls will be billed per minute based on the region you are calling, in some cases, whether you are calling a cellular phone or a land line.  Feel free to contact us for information about international rates.  Please note these rates are subject to change without notice and fluctuate regularly to reflect the market.

How fast does my Internet connection need to be to run Silo Phone?

You can run Silo Phone on any of Silo’s Internet packages!

Does the service work with 9-1-1?

Yes! We are fully e911 compliant. This means you have access to the 9-1-1 emergency system, and through our user portal you can update your emergency response location as needed.  For more information on the differences between traditional 9-1-1 and e911 visit

Will my phone work if the hydro is out/there is a problem with the Internet?

No. This is why we recommend having a back up method of communication in case of emergency. To minimize downtime we strongly recommend our customers invest in a battery backup power supply (with a rating of at least 500VA) in case there is a hydro outage. This should keep your Internet (and your phone) service running for at least an hour. If you receive a call during an outage you can have the call automatically forwarded to a phone number of your choosing (cell phone, for example) to ensure you are not out of the loop just because your home phone is currently down.

I don’t have a cell phone/cell reception at my home. Should I replace my existing landline with your service?

If you do not have an alternate method of contact in case of emergency we do not recommend switching to Silo Phone.

What equipment do I require?

Silo Phone service comes with Managed Home Wi-Fi, and a commercial grade router. The router is equipped with a build in VOIP adapter which you will connect to your phone.

Can I cancel my Bell (or existing phone carrier) land line?

Yes! Silo Phone uses the data from your Internet connection and doesn’t require a link into the old analog phone systems.

Is it truly unlimited calling within Canada and the USA?

Yes! Just like Silo Internet, Silo Phone is a true unlimited service- no catch!

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