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Out of the box, we find that 95% of routers will work with our service using factory settings.  To learn how to change other features such as setting up WiFi security, we suggest visiting and searching the make & model of your router to find a how-to video.  It hasn’t failed us yet!
Not to toot our own horn, but the commercial-grade hardware provided with our Managed Home WiFi service truly is the best solution for Silo customers. Otherwise any main brand routers that big box stores carry (D-Link, Linksys, Asus) routers would be suitable for use on our residential Internet services.
Unfortunately, we don’t store router passwords. These are pieces of equipment that you own and we have no responsibility for. If you cannot remember your password we recommend trying a forgot password method if available or doing a configuration reset. You may need to consult your router's manual for the recommended steps to do this. Alternatively, you may contact the manufacturer's technical support team and they might be able to offer another solution. Want us to take care of your home WiFi? Sign up for our Managed Home WiFi service and let our friendly support technicians make any changes you need to your router’s settings, without you having to touch a thing!
We generally recommend using 5GHz if you are in the same room or close to the router but if you are further away or using an Apple product we recommend the 2.4GHz band, as it travels further.
Your WiFi signal on your devices is the signal from your router to your device, this is not your wireless signal from Silo. Depending on the type of router and where it’s located in your home it may not reach all areas. We recommend having your router on the main level of your home and in an open area. If you are noticing that the signal is weak in certain areas you can look at moving the router to a more central location or purchasing a wireless extender in order to extend the signal further.
Yes, we don’t restrict what you do with your connection but unfortunately we can’t guarantee the speeds or support your connection when these settings are in place. When diagnosing a problem with technical support you may be asked to return the settings to normal in order to perform certain diagnostic tests.
In order to stream standard definition video, or ‘low’ quality, we recommend our Max 2 package (up to 4 Mbps download speed) for streaming on one device at a time. To stream on multiple devices or in HD you need a minimum of our Max 3 package (up to 6 Mbps download speed) or our nextPath packages.
Our network runs what is called a NAT or "network address translation". The only way to get a different NAT type is to get a static IP address. The cost for a static IP address is $10/month +tax. Please contact our technical support team for more information.
No. In order to access your internal network or computers from outside of your home you will need a static IP address. If you require one of these please contact our technical support team. The cost for a static IP address is $10/month +tax
We recommend Google DNS which consists of the following: Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:
Yes. In most cases, VPN services will work normally but in some circumstances certain settings may need to be tweaked. Please call our tech support team if you have problems connecting over VPN.
You can view our walkthrough videos & documents here.
To run an online speed test visit and click "start". Please make sure to turn off all computers/devices that connect to the Internet except the one you are using to run the test, and close any programs that use the Internet on that computer except for the web browser you are running the test in. This ensures you are able to test the maximum capacity of your connection without other sources using the bandwidth, netting a false result. For more accurate testing please see our bypass test video. If you are unsure about what results you should be seeing, click here for a list of our Internet packages. If you have any questions about your results, please contact us and one of our support representatives will be happy to assist you!
No, this is something we need to do for you, please call our office and we can change it for you.
Our email boxes come with a limit of 500MB per email address, when this fills up new incoming email will bounce back to the sender with an “inbox is full” error. This commonly happens when using your email on mobile devices as it doesn’t always pull the messages from the server when you receive them. We recommend logging into using your email address and password. This will show you all the mail on the server. Deleting mail here will remove it from the server and bring it under the limit. Alternatively, if you have a lot of mail stored up, you can call our office and request we empty it for you. We can do this very quickly with a push of a button.
In an effort to protect our domain from becoming blocked on the Internet, we've introduced an anti-spam measure which limits each account to sending 100 emails per day.  If you received a message stating you have exceeded this amount and did not send 100+ emails today, odds are your computer or email account has been compromised.  To learn more, read this article in our News section:
First you need to contact us with the requested e-mail address(es) and password(s)*. You will receive a reply from us confirming the account has been created. Once you have received this confirmation you will need to call our technical support team so that they can walk you through adding your new e-mail account to your e-mail program. *all passwords must be at least 5 characters in length and include either a capitalized letter, number, or symbol.
The easiest way is to visit  Log into the site by entering your e-mail address and password in the provided fields and clicking the “check mail” button. From here you will be able to access any unread messages*, and have the ability to reply or compose a new message. *any previously read messages will not appear on this site as they are stored locally on your computer(s).

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All systems are functioning normally. We monitor all core systems and towers 24/7. If you are experiencing issues, please contact technical support for assistance.

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If your answer was not found above please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with Internet support!